The Attack Of Pearl Harbor

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On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked persistently by the Japanese air force. On that terrible day many Americans died because of the attack, and even more people were injured. This timorous attack on Pearl Harbor angered the United States and immediately brought us into the war. The United States would be determined to bring down the axis powers. This was the start of World War II.
It all began when a rivalry was going on between the Japanese and the Americans and that was what sparked things to lead to Pearl Harbor. The motivation of the attack by Japan was shown as early as 1931. The feud between these two had been growing for a while now. Japan had been planning things and the United States was too. The only difference between them is that Japan took action in what they wanted to do.
The first assault was primarily fought between espionage and counterespionage of both sides. In this matters Japan got to know in detail which path to follow, such as when and where to do it, the United States for its part, obtained a lot of information in 1940 about the Japanese intentions, however in many cases this was dismissed by seem little credible.
When we look deeper into Pearl Harbor, we see that the attack actually began 12 days earlier when five boats from the Japanese forces launched on November 25 1941. These boats contained midget submarines that would be used during the attack by launching from their carrier vessels approximately 10 nautical miles, or 12 miles,…

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