The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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On December 7, 1941 Japan bombed the United States at Pearl Harbor. The bombing of Pearl Harbor lasted very short than what you would expect which was only one day. Before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, they started war with different nations that were around them. They did this to get the other nation’s materials, for an example oil, lumber, and coal. Japan was foolish for attacking the United States during WWII at Pearl Harbor; their motive was to take over the islands that the United States owned to become more powerful , in contempt of the end the Japanese lost and their cities were destroyed.
Japan and the United States had different kinds of relations that could have lead Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor.The United States military and Japan’s relationship seemed to get worse after Japan sank the USS Panay even though Japan apologized for sinking the ship. Japan became aware in the 19th and 20th century that there was threats from different nations influence became very loyal. During 1939 - 1945 the United States, for the second time, applied domestic penalties to Japan and sends to Europe military supplies because Germany, Italy, and Japan made the Anti Comintern Pact. Japan wanted to take control over some land in northeastern China, this lead to domestic penalties that were charged against Japan from the United States and Europe. Even though the United States saw Japan as a minor threat because Japan had a little military compared to the United States navy. Japan decided
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