The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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It all started the morning of December 7, 1941 when Japanese leaders decided to bomb the United States. Families were then broke apart and things became much more complex in the lives of Americans. Pearl Harbor was not “just a bombing,” but in reality it is so much more. This bombing had a great impact on the whole world for World War II. The bombing of Pearl Harbor had many situations before the bombing, during the bombing, and after the bombing. The bombing of Pearl Before was a bombing that the country of Japan had declared on the United States and had planned prior to the event. Japanese had many reasons why they bombed the Naval Base of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan following the decision of the Governor of Premier, Hideji Tojo, that the Roosevelt administration would not abandon the regions of South East Asia and China to the Japanese military or continue to supply Tokyo with oil and other valuable resources that they would need in the war. The Emperor of Japan, Emperor Hirohito, wanted to enlarge the territory and power of Japan. Japan wanted the natural resources of oil and aluminum that are found in the Netherlands East Indies, but in order to gain these resources they had to get through the United States first (Quiroz 2). In July of 1939, President Roosevelt decided to end the 1911 Japan Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with the Japanese. In reaction of President Roosevelt doing this the Japanese were getting furious with The United States of

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