The Attraction to Paris

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Millions and millions of people from all around the world come to visit France every year. The most popular city to visit in France is Paris. So many people visit Paris, but each of them have different reasons for visiting. Some people come to see the major landmarks and attractions. Others come to see the numerous art galleries. The food in Paris draws in tourists all by itself. There are many reasons to visit Paris. Probably the most popular reason to visit Paris is to see all of the most famed monuments. The Eiffel Tower is the unmistakable icon of Paris. Gustave Eiffel designed the tower for the World Expo of 1889. Back then, Eiffel was an engineer who designed iron bridges for trains. He employed the same kind of structural elements when designing the Eiffel Tower, most notably the iron crossbars and massive archways. Another monumental landmark is the Arc de Triomphe. Napoleon commissioned the Arc de Triomphe in 1806, as a monument to the success of his imperial armies, and it wasn't finished until 1836. The design for the arch was based on the Arch of Titus in Rome, which is 50 feet tall, but the architect scaled the Arc de Triomphe to three times that size at 156 feet tall. Tourists can climb stairs to the roof, or ride in an elevator. The Notre Dame is a popular place to visit as well. It is the finest example of Gothic architecture in Paris. The original towers are 223 feet tall, but the spire which was added during the 19th century is 300 feet

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