Essay about The Authors to Their Poems

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     Anne Bradstreet and Emily Dickinson are both respected women poets in their own rights. Although in different manners, both poets discuss their poetry within their poetry. Bradstreet and Dickinson, as poets, were able to break free of male oppression and literary traditions of the period, to portray their emotions and imagination through their works, expressing their freedom and the construction of being a poet within the works. Dickinson and Bradstreet, however, wrote during different periods, where their styles greatly differed.      During the period in which Bradstreet published her works, males were the driving force in literature. For a woman to be publishing in the 1600s was…show more content…
“This is my letter to the World That never wrote to Me-- The simple News that Nature told-- With tender Majesty/ Her Message is committed To Hands I cannot see— For love of Her—Sweet—countrymen— Judge tenderly—of Me” (Dickinson 2503, ln 1-8). Dickinson’s letter is to the world, which ignores her, tells of Nature’s message about her works, and asks the world to judge them kindly. However, since this most likely was not actually written for people to read, it is Emily’s own acceptance of her work, written only for herself. This emotional plea with herself helps the readers see her dedication and passion for her writing. This letter can also be seen as Dickinson’s acceptance of rejection, when a few of her poems were submitted for publishing, and denied. She was confident enough to know that her poetry was incredible, and that men involved in publishing were too closed minded to allow her work to be printed. Dickinson is creatively able to place two different meanings into one poem, depending on how the reader choices to perceive it. By intertwining the idea of nature into her poem, while refereeing to it as something else, her abstract meanings can be taken at different levels.      Bradstreet’s poems “The Author to Her Book” (p270) and “The Prologue” (p 247-8) express her use of emotions within her work, while still
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