The Prologue By Anne Bradstreet

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"Yet grant some small acknowledgement of ours."

Anne Bradstreet is among the most famous historical American female poets. Her seventeenth century works of writing came at a time when the society was male dominated and the role of women in the society was much more demeaned. Bradstreet is considered a feminist who advanced her feministic ideas through her writings.
"The Prologue" speaks about Bradstreet's struggles with being a woman within a Puritan society. During this time, women were not meant to speak their minds and were meant to recognise only men's supposed superiority.

In her first stanza, Bradstreet immediately appears to demean her own writing proclaiming that certain "superior things" are out …show more content…

This helps her to subtly show her feminist side while maintaining her puritan goodness. As a female in a highly patriarchal society, Anne Bradstreet uses this technique to prove the point of her belief of unfair and unequal treatment of women in her community. She does so to express her opinion in a sarcastic tone by stating, “Men have precedence and still excel”. As the poem continues, Bradstreet reveals that the topic of discussion is war waging, and “Men can do best, and women know it well”. These lines are presented as an under-handed compliment because although Bradstreet professes male superiority on the subject of war, she suggests that perhaps this is not a subject at which one should excel. By utilising a humble tone interspersed with sarcastic wit, Bradstreet is able to communicate her intended message to the …show more content…

Overall, as Margerum notes, Bradstreet never “uses her sex as an excuse for writing poor poetry” and never offers apologies for writing poetry in the first place. She did not think it sinful or uncouth for her to write, but rather, her humble remarks “are creative applications of conventional and obligatory poetic formulae, and not as expressions of self-doubt or deprecations of her poetic abilities. John Winthrop critiqued Bradstreet's writing , saying that it should be the job of men, " whose minds are stronger". Other members of the clergy in the Puritan society criticised Bradstreet because of her fundamental challenge to the social constriction of female identity. In this regard, Bradstreet has to be seen as one who possesses feminist sensibilities in what she believed, how she behaved and the life she

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