The Awakeining by Kate Chopins

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In Kate Chopin's "The Awakening", the protagonist is a woman named Edna Pontellier. She is portrayed as a woman who dares to commit adultery and actions that are very contradictory with the male authority that has dominated the world; the patriarchal system. "The Awakening" takes place in the nineteenth century which is heavy on no women's rights and the roles women are supposed to play. The story is almost a mirror image of feminism. A mirror image of women's awareness and emancipation to the male authority. When reading "The Awakening" one can see that it is about Edna's rebellion against the patriarchal system, the male authority. The book shows Edna's rebellion toward the traditional rules that the society holds and Edna facing her oppressive marriage in a way that some may find selfish. Edna may be rebelling because she no longer wants to be treated like the other women. It is like she is refusing to be treated like the typical oppressed woman any further and Edna struggles hard to fight the patriarchal system and rebel for the hope of freedom, equality and self-assertion merely as a woman by changing her own character from a submissive and weak woman to a one with a strong and independent nature. Her struggles that reflect the element of feminism proves that she is persistent and determined with her goals. Edna tries to prove to society that women do not deserve to be treated unfairly just because of their biological differences between them and men. As a woman, Edna

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