The Awakening By William Shakespeare

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The Awakening essay
In The Awakening, Edna is constantly looking for the approval and attention of someone. Although she has a husband and kids of her own to console her in her solitude, she strives for the attention of someone else. It seems that although she wants the attention of others, she represses the idea of a man to tell her what to do. The idea of a man taking control of her life would be the reason for the transformation that she undergoes. Throughout the novel, there are varies examples of the men that want to dominate the way Edna lives her life. Edna would be a reminder of the depiction of gender roles that women face. While the men in her life try to suppress the identity that she is discovering, she finds herself straying away from the person they want her to be.
In the novel, it is clear that the men in her life are the principal influence to Edna’s personal identity. Even though the men in her life each have an important role, they do not understand the way she thinks and feels. The men in her life try to limit the independence she strives to obtain by limiting her freedom. They do not understand the constant need that Edna has on acquiring self-discovery.
It would seem that a women’s biggest male influence would be their father. In the case of Edna, this would be true although her father is the one that suppresses the freedom that women should have. He demands to his daughter to stop her foolishness and to fulfill her task as a wife and mother. When

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