The Awakening Chapter 18 Analysis

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Chapters 20-24
Edna ,still saddened by Roberts departure decided to go and visit a friend of hers,Mademoiselle Reisz, to hear her play the piano when she arrived she had discovered that the woman had moved. Edna then visited Madame Lebrun's home to retrieve the address . There she was greeted by Victor who told her the contents of the letters received from Robert. Edna was sad that Robert had not written her. As victor escorted Edna out...Madame Lebrun and victor discuss how Edna had changed saying “she doesn’t seem like the same woman.”. After receiving the new address she visits the artist ,Mademoiselle Reisz, Madam is very pleased to see her and inform her that Robert had written a letter almost entirely about Edna. Edna is flattered and begs to read the letter . Robert has requested the Madame to play a song for Edna on the piano. As Edna reads the letter and listens to the music ,she is deeply moved . She weeps.After the visit Edna ask is she can visit again and The madam informs her her company is welcome anytime.
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Edna is embarrassed that she took him so seriously and she writes him back stating she thought nothing of it . He takes this as a green light and continues to flirt with her. Edna continues to visit Mademoiselle Reisz During one visit Edna informed the madame that she would be renting out a small house and start her painting career.Mademoiselle Reisz nd Edna both are confused by this sudden notion.As usual, the madame gives the most recent f Roberts letter to Edna . She is shocked when she find out Robert is coming back to New Orleans . Edna confesses her love for Robert. Full of joy she goes home and sends her children bonbon and writes a cheerful letter to Leone telling of her intent to move .Later that evening Alcee visits and he and Edna find themselves alone . Alcee kisses her and she responds by grasping his head. After he left she felt bad that the kiss was not motivated by love

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