The Ballroom Dance Team Essay

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For this analysis, I interviewed N, a 21-year-old white male college student that identifies as gay. He is a member of the ballroom dance team and also has a large social presence on campus. While it has not necessarily been easy for him to come out to those around him, he thinks he has been lucky overall and is thankful for the support he has received from his closest friends, as well as people he barely knew. By slowly revealing his sexual orientation, he has gained confidence, self-awareness, and better interpersonal skills.
N knew he was attracted to males since middle school, but waited until his junior year of high school in 2011 to come out. He started off by telling just a couple of close friends in order to “test the waters” because he did not want his peers to be unaccepting of him. He managed to keep it secret for quite a while, but later started dating someone from his school and the news began to spread. Overall, he believes that everyone was far more accepting than he expected and he did not face much discrimination from those around him. In fact, N particularly noted that even the gym teacher was supportive and offered to become an ally in case he received negative reactions from other students. Since he as been at RIC, he does not think he has had to deal with too much prejudice. He particularly joined ballroom in hopes to find the gay males on campus, and while this did not necessarily work out since there are so few males in the club to begin with, he loves

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