The Banning of Books

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Books allow the mind to flourish, to wonder, to become the escape from reality that is desperately needed from time to time. Books can make no social comment, such as Dr. Seuss’s “Hop on Pop”, where the reader is just allowed to escape and go into an alternate reality. Books can also make a statement about social occurrences at the time, such as Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. Orson Scott Card‘s “Ender’s Game” falls into a category in between where it allows the reader into an escape from reality while making comments about the society of the time, as well a look into an exceptional child’s mind. All three of these books have something in common; they have all been at some point have had an individual or several individuals try to ban the book. Most often those who try to get a book banned do so due to violent or offensive content. However in some cases the reasons the book gets banned is completely ludicrous, as it is in the case of “Ender’s Game”. Card’s novel “Ender’s Game” was banned in Utah due to the efforts of a Mormon, who got a hold of a Baptist ban list, unaware of one way to get on that list is to be Mormon (Card Student). This shows that not all efforts to ban a book stem from the reader being offended by the content; in cases like this the person banning the book has not even read the book.
“Ender’s Game” is an outstanding book, winning both the Nebula and Hugo awards within the first two years of being published. “Ender’s Game” makes

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