The Baptist Church and Slavery Prior to the Civil War

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armies, which was a war, fought to a great extent over the issue of slavery. The 1840s and 1850s witnessed many of the largest denominations in America having internal struggles over the issues of slavery and even earlier, it is reported that there was a split in the Presbyterian church over the issue of slavery. The Baptists however are reported to have maintained peace through careful avoidance of discussion upon the topic however, the topic could not be avoided in 1840 as the issue came to ahead. The argument posited by Baptist Southern delegates was that while slavery was a tragic circumstance that it could not be considered to be a sin. The Alabama Convention requested that slave owners be eligible to become missionaries and the request was denied by the Baptist Board. Following this, a Baptist Free mission Society was formed and this organization did not want the dirty money of the South. The southern members withdrew from the Baptist Convention and formed the Southern Baptist Convention, which is now the largest Protestant denomination in the country.

I. Black Christianity in the South
Black Christianity in the South came into being "not only because of white missionaries and pastors but also in what historians have called the…
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