The Basketball Player: The Life Of Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan was a basketball player from 1982-2001. In that time period he retired three times, lost his dad, divorced his wife, and played a year of MLB baseball. But with all this mishap, Jordan seemed to find basketball as a holy grail. He set many records and made many friends as well as followers. Many people looked up to him in more ways than one.
Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. He wasn’t always tall but hit a huge growth spurt his freshman year and decided to try out for the basketball team. Unfortunately he didn’t make the team. He worked really hard practicing at the local courts and at home. Junior year, he made the team and that was when he really started showing out. Jordan was an average …show more content…

For that to be his first year he was an unbelievable rookie player. That year he also won many awards including rookie of the year along with player of the year. Jordan was rising to the top and at the “peak of his career” said his coach. In the fall of 1994 Michael’s dad died while in a robbery in New York. Unexpectedly he retired not long after that. Many people think the death of his dad had a huge impact on him. He then decided to change directions and play baseball for the MLB (Major League Baseball). He was actually a decent baseball player, which wasn’t a big shock to anyone. Jordan felt his love was not in baseball, but, I bet you could guess it, basketball. “Air Jordan” was back on top. He has back and better than ever. “That was God in disguise as Michael Jordan.” Said Larry Bird his friend who played with him on the Bulls NBA team. That year Jordan and his team won second in the NBA finals, losing to the Boston Celtics. Jordan decided to retire for the second time because he thought his time on the court was done. Yet again, he couldn’t stay away for long. He was back within a couple of months. The 6’6 guard was back again. He didn’t play for long though. In 2001, ‘The Michael Jordan’ had retired for good. He set unbelievable records and still holds most of them

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