The Battle Against Diabetes

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Diabetes is prevalent in the United States and yet there is no registry to help meet the needs of this group and it is apparent that a national database is needed. A registry would help track trends; a registry would help public health officials who want to pinpoint where more education is needed and where more screening would be helpful. The intent with the development of a database is to compile data for scientific and medical research and for assistance in making decisions about providing funding of public resources. A database would help create more standardized treatment. It would require data updates on hemoglobin A1c, weight and blood pressure measurements which will improve care. Currently there is no tracking system is in place and there is no body of data being complied on patients with diabetes. All accredited diabetes education programs have an element of data tracking requirements for outcomes. Yet a system is not in place to help obtain the data. The database could work like the cancer registry where when a diagnosis goes out the individual is placed on a registry and then they are followed. The registry would help locally with putting funding where needed and would also improve care. If worded correctly the registry would act as a reminder to help ensure the patient being followed received adequate follow up care for better outcomes. Employees from the registry would request data on HbA1c, blood pressure, and other relevant information. This database

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