The Battle Against Infectious disease

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One’s immune system by itself cannot prevent emerging illnesses, but infectious disease pharmacists can aid everyone with the constant battle of health and well-being. Infectious diseases pose a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A mere cough or sneeze could be one’s death determining factor. The pharmacists countering infections create the basis for preventing the spread of disease throughout the entire world. Everyday, they make crucial decisions involving the distribution of medicines. Without the distribution of vaccines, polio ran rampant in America (approximately 13,000-20,000 cases were reported), measles acted as a deadly force nearly (approximately 900,000 deaths resulted from measles in a various amounts of developing countries), and more recently, vaccinations have halted the occurrence of whooping cough (of the 225 annual whooping cough deaths, 228 of them were infant deaths). World changing vaccines wouldn’t have been possible to make and distribute without the contribution of infectious disease pharmacists. The essential occupation of an infectious disease pharmacist, in my opinion, is unique and the most appealing pharmaceutical career. Becoming an infectious disease pharmacist requires a doctorate of pharmacy degree and professional, precise skills. While obtaining the degree, future infectious disease pharmacists learn to manage and control infectious disease, understand microbiology, and understand antimicrobial therapy. The pharmacist heroes of the
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