Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Should Vaccinations be Mandatory for Children?
Medical vaccinations are composed of a variety of chemicals that are fused together to help the human body fight infections cause by microorganisms. Vaccinations contain antibiotics that help the immune system fight against any bacteria or virus that internally invades the human body. Furthermore, chemicals like sterile water, saline, or fluids containing protein, that are used to protect the human body from air pathogens that may cause enter the body and cause infection as the medical professional injects the patient. One of the major issues surrounding medical vaccinations is whether they should be mandatory to every child even if the child does not need it. Medical vaccinations should be mandatory for all children because it protects them against microbes that may cause severe diseases or in the worst case, death.
Medical vaccines are highly valuable to the human race. Medical vaccines are becoming more and more strong and effective. This is due to how fast technology is advancing as time goes by. One of the major outcomes of the advancing and innovative technology is that the United States can now develop better vaccines. For example, the influenza vaccine is a major positive outcome that has change people’s life. In Cathy Munford’s article, "Should Influenza Vaccination be Mandatory?” she states how there has been a ninety percent increase in the prevention of the influenza because of the new and revolutionary vaccine. Due
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