The Battle Of Midway During World War II Essay

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The Battle of Midway was fought from June 3rd to June 5th, 1942 between the Japanese and United States during World War II. The end result of this battle was the destruction of four Japanese carriers, two cruisers, three destroyers, and two-hundred and ninety-two aircraft by U.S. fighters and dive bombers. Conversely, the U.S. only lost a carrier, the USS Yorktown, a destroyer, the USS Hammann, and 145 aircraft. Unlike previous battles which were fought through traditional tactics, the Battle of Midway was fought with unconventional tactics that resulted in a turning point for United States Naval power worldwide. Through the development of new tactics, refined intelligence, the weakness of the Japanese plan, and Japanese over confidence the Battle of Midway was a turning point for U.S. sea power. The Battle of Midway was a turning point in the Pacific War not only because the U.S. was advanced in their new tactical capabilities, but also because they had crushed a tested and undefeated Japanese Navy that was projected to win. The U.S. set a new standard for themselves by integrating aircraft carriers into its fleet and was able to strike at a moment’s notice from a much closer range than the land-based aircraft. The effective range of the fleet’s strike arm had grown so big that navies could now engage without ever sighting each other, just as they had in the Coral Sea. Every element involved in this battle was able to make it the most impactful naval battle in American
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