The Battle Of The Alamo

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After the United States won its freedom from Britain, there was another revolution occurring in the west, the Texas Revolution. Like the United States, Texas wanted its independence from Mexico, but was not going to transpire without a fight. “Remember the Alamo,” (1836) was a quote used by Texians following the Battle of the Alamo to inspire soldiers as they led their attack on the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto. The Battle of the Alamo was a turning point during the Texas Revolution and forever will be remembered as so in Texas’ and the United States history (New World Encyclopedia). The Alamo, which means “cottonwood”, was initially built by the Spaniards for accommodating native religious services in 1724 and up until 1783 (“The Alamo,” n.d.). When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1810, it was transformed into a cavalry unit that was operated by Mexico. As time went on, colonists from the east were getting word of the vast amount of inexpensive lands available in Mexico’s northern territory called Texas. Mexicans were not pleased with the land hungry settlers occupying their lands and Texians were not pleased with Mexico’s over controlling government. “In 1835 the Mexican President and General Santa Anna proclaimed a new constitution that increased the power of the Presidency and reduced the power of provincial governments” (New World Encyclopedia, paragraph 4). It was said that General Santa Anna was so brutal, that he would reward his men by

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