The Battle Of The Bulge

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Battle of the Bulge The Battle of the Bulge started in the winter December 16th 1944 – 1945 towards the end of World War II. It was the last major Nazi attack against the Allies in World War II. The Battle of the Bulge was the last chance effort by Hitler to split the alliance between Britain, France and America in two. Adolf Hitler believed that the western sector of Europe was weak in addition, if he attacked with a successful defeat, it would break up the alliance. Hitler ordered a major attack on mostly the American forces. Hitler’s goal was to destroy all Allied armies to force the Western Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in his favor. That attack was officially known as the Battle of the Ardennes by the U.S Army. When the Germans first attacked it created a bulge in the Americans Allied front line, which is now known as the Battle of the Bulge. By the end of January 1945, America units had recovered all the ground they lost. Hitler’s plan was to attack with such a great force using three armies against the United States Allies, which in his head would destroy the pipeline in which the majority of supplies were reaching our Allies. The German final plan was to attack and capture Antwerp, which would divide the British and American armies that would deprive the much needed pipeline which the Allies used for supplies. Choosing this plan of action, Hitler used Walter Model and Gerd von Rundstedt to execute this plan. To move forward with this
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