The Battlefield Of Finding Yourself

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The Battlefield in finding yourself Career planning is a lifelong battle that can be intricate for anyone who has not yet closely studied their true drive in life. After completing high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what route in my life I wanted or needed to go. At the time, I was undeveloped and living at home with my parents. I did know one thing for sure, I had to work and make my own money in order to pay my own bills and to stand on my own two feet as best as I could. I was not totally thinking about any long term career goals. I was still going through the point in my life of finding what I loved to do and was all about having fun and enjoying life. One thing I did know for sure, I loved to shop, then again what adolescent doesn’t. When I completed high school, I started out working in a very small retail fashion store and then, later on, went into several different food chains such as McDonalds and even tried waitressing for several months. Needless to say, waitressing turned out to be a calamity so I left that turf and never returned. After drifting from job to job for several months which in turn overextended into several years, I made a conscious decision that I needed to focus on a profession and stick to it so I took some time and re-examined my life and zeroed in on a career. I finally did that! In October of 2005, I enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at National Institute of Technology which was sited in Austin, Texas. My choice to
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