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The Beauty Standard "Does this make me look fat?” Everyone at one time or another has experienced this iconic question in some way. Your best friend may have asked it, as she was getting ready for a date or maybe you muttered these words to yourself as you stared disapprovingly into a mirror; either way, this six-word question alludes to a standard of beauty that everyone strives to meet. A standard of beauty that is almost impossible to meet. The definition of beauty has evolved greatly over the years and it differs from culture to culture. Today, western culture idolizes the woman who is “thin, large breasted, and white (tanned, but not too brown)” (WVFV, pg. 220). This woman is one that millions of women strive to look like in …show more content…

Many women will participate various forms of cosmetic and body sculpting to reach their desired appearance. Other women may even develop an eating disorder in order to lose weight. Both of these actions are extremely harmful to the human body in that they put the body under extreme stress and that they are life threatening. In Western Society, more and more young women are affected by an eating disorder or have undergone cosmetic surgery. It has been shown that “up to 20 percent of people with serious eating disorders die from the disorder” (WVFV, pg. 230). If people did not feel so obligated to reach a level of perfection in order to feel accepted by society then the numbers of how many people die from eating disorders or cosmetic surgeries would not be as high as they are today. How can we lower these numbers? Together, we can lower the numbers of people dying from eating disorders and cosmetic surgeries by resisting the beauty ideal. We can choose “to not participate in the beauty rituals, to not support the industries that produce both images and products, and to create other definitions of beauty” (WVFV, pg. 232). The most crucial and easiest solution is to create other definitions of beauty. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what is beautiful. What if someone decided that the only thing that could contribute to one’s beauty is who someone is on the inside? Wouldn’t our world be a completely different place? Instead of

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