The Beginning Of The Modern Era

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The Beginning of the Modern Era The Industrial Revolution has been one of the social historical event that transformed the way of economic thinking of humanity towards improving living conditions, was also ironically factor at the same time triggered that slowly and gradually they last the resources the planet provides us for our subsistence, unable to even provide a viable response that allows the renewal of such resources. The critical point is that they have not been enough isolated attempts that have been built in an economically globalized world where environmental and social problems are secondary plane. It is the late eighteenth century when in Europe the social economic movement that would spear a new model come out production,"The…show more content…
In 1873, 700 people died in London after a week followed by infestation smog. When the industrial revolution came to America, they had an extreme effect on the population. The change began in 1865, when people began moving from farms to cities and towns. While this has opened up new possibilities of employment, the sudden arrival also created overcrowding and led to poor neighborhoods. Immigrants came from all over the world, creating social and religious tension with newcomers who were not Christians. These group of people were received with hostility and discrimination. The peasants were spinners or weavers in their free time, and their tissues were shipped and sold in the market. But then it happened that the demand for English cloth out of the country increased both, landowners drove the peasants with the aim of turning their land into grassland for sheep. So honest workers were uprooted from their land and were forced to work in the toughest conditions since all vagrant was legally killed. As the population became urbanized, new agreements uprise different beliefs. The debate between evolution and religion became important, eventually causing a division among Christian religion and moderates. Issues such as sexuality and the role of women gained importance. While the revolution brought opportunities for women, also isolated families and why the divorce rate increased. When families came to the cities in
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