The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Occupational Health Management

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Advantages There are many advantages regarding to occupational health management. Benefits of occupational health. Occupational health aims to ensure that companies can be as effective as possible with protecting their employees health and well –being. Through practical occupational helath management of employees health and care issues, early intervention and clicinal assistance has widespread business benefits conforming to health and safety legislation,  improved staff motivation and performance ultimately increases profitability, informed recruitment in a reduction in staff turnover, better staff attendance and retention and an increased public image of the company making it more attractive as an employer, prevention of disabling illness or disease reduced risk and cost of litigation identification of reasons for non - attendance, trends and patterns within…show more content…
Thus healthy workers are a key strategy in overcoming poverty. Workplace health risk are higher in the informal sector and small industries which are key arenas of action on poverty alleviation, where people can work their way out of poverty. The processes of protecting workers, surrounding communities and the environment for future generation have important common element, such as pollution control and exposure reduction. Much pollution and many environmental exposures that are hazardous to health arise from industrial processes, that can be beneficially influence by occupational health and safety programmes. Occupational safety and health can contribute to improving the employability of workers, through workplace redesign, maintenance of health and safe work environment, training and retraining, assessment of work demands, medical diagnosis, health screening and assessment of functional capacities. Occupational health is fundamental to public health, for it increasingly clear that major diseases need workplace wellness

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