The Benefits Of Becoming A R Nurse

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When you want to be a r nurse it takes several years of study and practice, is to give all of you to help others, save lives and meet with all kinds of problems whether it is emergencies, diseases without cure or in poor conditions in all kinds of people. In this career you can specialize in different types of medicine, but it is necessary to have a degree and make extra years. The nurse has her earnings and they vary according to the experiences and studies.

The nurse’s work to help prevent diseases o educate the public about health issues, to support sick patients both physically and mentally. They provide bedside care for hospitalized patients, monitor all aspects of patient care such as diet and physical activity, anticipate treatment, observe patients, evaluate and record their symptoms. The value of everything a nurse does is help people to get ahead, give their support morally and physically with medicines, treatments according to their illness, writes down how they feel and do in times of emergencies do everything possible to save lives. …show more content…

Registered nurses (RNs) provide more advanced patients care than (LVNs) and can work without supervision; they can give medications and treatment, observe patients and record observations, consult with doctors and other medical personnel, and establish plants for patient care. There are different levels in the work of a nurse, but all focus on doing their job as a nurse in helping patients with their illnesses, feeding them, bathing them, noting their behaviors, symptoms, mentally helping people; in surgeries or delivery sites is to help the doctor with the materials or instruments, clean the babies and make

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