The Benefits Of Birth Control

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While many people, as well as companies, are interjecting their opinions on whether birth control should be used by females, there is significant evidence birth control pills affects many women in a positive way, besides prohibiting pregnancy . The benefits of birth control in women between the ages of 18-25 years of age includes: preventing unwanted pregnancy, reducing acne and ovarian cancers, and drastically reducing or preventing cysts and infections in the ovaries and fallopian tubes. While the benefits are plentiful, there are few risk factors to consider as well, including breast cancer. We will look at why the benefits of birth control for this age group outweigh the risks, and why companies should consider more than the moral and ethical side of this debate when considering banning it from health insurance plans .
Today, we are seeing more companies exercise their right to control what medications they allow on their corporate health insurance plans. In this case, Hobby Lobby has exercised its right to not pay or contribute to employees needing or wanting birth control. According to Hobby Lobby, birth control is in strict contrast with their religious beliefs (Planned Parenthood ). “On June 30, 2014, the US Supreme Court allowed certain bosses to block employees’ access to birth control. The decision applied to more than half of the US workforce.” (Planned Parenthood ). While Hobby Lobby is a large corporation with operations throughout the United

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