The Benefits Of Cochlear Implants

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Introduction Imagine one day you walk into a room, in which everybody is talking and laughing but the only thing you can possibly hear is a very faint noise. How would you feel about your inability to communicate? About 13% the total U.S. population is deaf or hearing impaired (Harrington). It is impossible for them to go to clothing store without a deaf interpreter which makes them feel as not self-sufficient and isolated from the rest of the society. Past research has examined that by implementing American sign language in public secondary schools as a foreign language elective can effectively diminish the number of isolationism incidence among deaf and hearing impaired individuals (Pfeiffer 88). However, the major obstacle faced when implementing ASL as a language…show more content…
Cochlear implants are small electronic device that are surgically implanted under the ear in which helps those with hearing loss have a sense of sound. Hearing aids is a communication device that amplifies and equalizes the sound according a person needs. Both can be used in children and adults and can largely increase their ability to communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities. Due to advancement of technology a large variety of hearing aids and cochlear implants are available for deaf and impaired individuals (Litovsky 5). Others may argue that deaf people are a just small percentage of the population and changes on the curriculum should not be made because of them. Opponents of the implementation of American sign language in school curriculum believe that changes should due to the fact that motivates the culture if victimism. If we change a school curriculum because of a small percentage of dead people, it also should be change because other
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