The Benefits Of College Tuition

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The key to living a comfortable life in today’s world is having a college education. Life has gotten much harder and the job market has become more competitive without a four year degree. Having to work two or three jobs and both parents of the home working to put food on the table. People are barely making it with a bachelor’s degree now and are finding themselves needing a master’s degree to get a better job. College tuition has been increasing at a steady rate. Many students are finding themselves not having equal opportunity to attend college due the high tuition cost. A large number of students that do attend find themselves with a huge amount of student loans to pay. Colleges have raised their tuition greatly, created unequal opportunity and create loans that take years to pay back. The tuition for college has skyrocketed. “For the past quarter-century, the cost of higher education has grown 440%, according to the National Center for Public Policy and Education, nearly four times the rate of inflation and double the rate of health care cost increases” (Lataif). Inflation raises every year and tuition keeps getting more expensive as if it needs to be ahead. Some states have had their tuition raised more than others. Smith gives an example, that in the 2007/2008 fiscal year the state of Nevada raised tuitions in the state’s public universities by 10.9%, while the Boulder Campus for the University of Colorado raised their tuition by 14.6%. Rates of tuition increase
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