The Benefits Of Computer Education

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According to oxford dictionary, learning is “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught”. Non of the living beings are born with all the skills that we require to survive the day they are born. As our senses develops we learn various things using those senses. As we grow our parents or guardians provide us with the moral education. As years pass by we go to school and get formal education where we learn various skill, get knowledge, and develop as a human being every single day. After years of formal education, we become ready to use the skills that we have learned to earn for living. Most of us after we complete our education get involved with corporate America where the learning never ends, specially in the current generation where technology has taken over the human life. After graduating from college, most of us move toward building the career and get into the world of corporate America. The market is competitive in the corporate America but having the skills and education related to computer science is helpful in getting the job. According to Georgetown university, the unemployment rate of computer science graduates is 7.8%, which is way less when compared to other most of other majors. But just getting a job is not enough to keep the job for rest of our lives. We have to learn skills and develop accordingly. For example, in 2007 very first iphone was introduced that was only able to perform basic function needed in a phone but a

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