My Lifelong Learning Plan

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MY LIFELONG LEARNING PLAN EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY This personal essay outlines key plans for my personal and professional development and success in the future. It shows how I will achieve these goals through continuous learning even after I have graduated. Furthermore, it tries to help the reader understand the need for lifelong learning. It is hoped that this paper will help change the perception of many about the learning process done only within certain periods of their life time. INTRODUCTION Most people believe that, learning is done only through formal education and that this process stops once they graduate but this is not true. According to Delors’ (1996) four ‘pillars’ of education for the future, lifelong learning can be defined as one which is done throughout a person’s lifetime. It is adjustable, diverse and attainable all through the various stages of human life. This points out that, learning is not done through formal means only and cannot be avoided as one progresses through life’s various stages (from infancy till death). For me, learning always came to me through curiosity and a strong quest to know and understand any subject area that I developed interest in. I used to bother my parents with questions about why certain things were so and I always enjoyed fixing little broken toys, building models such as rockets out of recyclable materials as a child. Progressing through high school, I joined the school’s robotics club which introduced me to

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