Fitness And Confidence Essay

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Fitness and confidence A lot of people struggle with being self conscious and having no confidence. Working out and eating healthy can help this problem along with many others. There are so many benefits to fitness and a healthy diet. In this essay I will be going over the benefits of working out and eating healthy and how it can boost your self confidence and make everyday better. What I Knew Fitness has always been something that I loved. It’s always been a lifestyle for me whether it was dance or cheer to softball and volleyball. Most teens hate conditioning in sports, but I was always that weird girl on the team that loved it. I love the feeling of working hard and being able to push myself and get better. I’ve always been super …show more content…

Working out in the gym because addicting to me, I loved it! I decided to start following her meal plan because my eating habits were cancelling out all of my hard work in the gym. It was hard to stick to but once I got used to it I started getting full faster and stopped craving fast food and unhealthy food. Eating healthy food became easy and fun to me. Once I stopped hitting the gym and eating the meal plan it felt impossible for me to get back on track. My schedule was busy and I kept making excuses not to go to the gym or eat healthy. All of my progress went away and I gained all of my weight back and more. My mood changed immediately. I was not motivated to do anything and I was back to being self conscious. The gym made a huge difference for me, it changed my attitude and mindset in the greatest way. It made me feel confident and happy with myself. That is why I decided for my senior project I wanted to train to do a fitness show. On this journey I hope to see all of the benefits of working out and eating healthy along with all of the downsides. I want to see significant changes in my body, mindset, and confidence. Being as self conscious as I am, it seems like I would never become confident with my body. I want to prove myself wrong. Being confident would be incredible for me because I have never felt 100% confident in my entire life. Once there are significant changes of my body, I know that people are going to be saying things and judging

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