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Welcome to Spartan Edge. We would love the honor of ushering you in to a healthier way of life through thoughtful explorations of better living strategies. This includes diet, health and exercise. Whether you are a young adult, settled into retirement, or anywhere in between, we hope to be your resource for locating proven methods to incorporate into daily living. Utilizing the latest research results and conventional wisdom, our collective goal is educating readers to thrive in today’s fast-paced world where information is abundant, but common sense advice is not. No single approach works for anyone, but here at Spartan Edge, expect to find the most innovative concepts directed toward overall good health.

#### Health Nut in All of Us

Have you shunned incorporating fitness and healthier eating into your routine because you’ve always regarded such dedication as something *other people do*? Appealing to all fitness levels is how we approach the needs of our readership because even those with just a few moments per day can utilize some of the guidelines we endorse. It is never too late or too soon to assimilate better living through exercise and diet. While not everyone aspires to be an Olympian, there is a bit of a health nut in all of us, and finding our inner athlete is most readily accomplished by defining what physical activities are enjoyable on a personal level. If a regimen is not at least somewhat pleasurable and easy to work into a busy schedule, it will likely

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