The Benefits Of Gun Courts

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Specialized courts, offer a therapeutic approach to offending criminals in order to reduce reoffending by teaching and treating juveniles and offenders. This way of thinking solves problems, problems involving the defendant and the community. It also helps reduce the number of people sent to prison, and helps juveniles make up for their mistakes.
Gun courts would provide a great service to the Rio Grande Valley, it would properly teach offenders gun safety, provide early intervention for juveniles, and would provide short term intensive programming. It would be a collaboration between court personnel and law enforcement leading to lower gun crime, safer communities and improved relations between police and their local communities. Since Texas has no laws regarding long guns by persons under 18 or handguns by persons under 21, gun courts would allow someone who is possession of a weapon they shouldn’t have to receive severe punishment, but more certain and swift. …show more content…

A possible threat that gun courts could have are individuals saying that the gun courts would violate their second amendment, people would also be unlikely to participate. Adult gun courts would concentrate on quick and efficient case processing and would result in harsh punishments such as a longer prison sentence, even for first time

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