The Benefits Of Hiding The Homeless

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As a young child, whenever I was asked to address my living situation, I would say, “I live with my cousins”. At the time, I found my family’s circumstance enjoyable as I now got the chance to have ‘siblings’ and live with a large family. Blinded by my innocent mindset, I was unable to catch on to the fact that the actual reason for our ‘doubled-up’ household was not because of my parents desire for me to have ‘siblings’ or to connect with my family members. But because of their financial instability. Prior to our move, we had lived in the same house for over seven years. However, unlike before, my parents now had to fight in order to pay the rent. After enduring months of hardship, my parents were confronted with the reality of their situation, when we were pushed out of my childhood home and forced to relocate one state away to stay with a few relatives. …show more content…

However, after a 2016 Point-In-Time Count, it was reported that the state is losing the fight, as homelessness as a whole increased by 14% from 2015 (“Idaho 2016 Point-In-Time Count”). After years of of struggle, Idaho still fails to come up with a suitable method for reducing its homeless count, with its homelessness rates projecting a constant increase as of 2005. The state of Idaho, can eliminate chronic homelessness by stabilizing people with permanent housing coupled with assistance programs to ensure they remain in

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