The Benefits Of High School Drug Testing

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High school athletics are not only important to the students and teachers but to the communities as well. Getting together and tailgating at a Friday night football game is an event that can bring towns together. However, lives of high school athletes could be getting torn apart by drug and alcohol abuse. States have to deter students away from drug use somehow, and drug testing is the best way to get the job done ("Texas Set to Drug-Screen”). That is why many states have decided to start drug testing their students involved in extracurricular activities. This leads numerous people to wonder if the testing is actually effective in deterring students from drug and alcohol use, what the punishment would be for those who test positive, and if the testing invades students privacy. In 1995, the Supreme Court approved random drug testing of high school athletes (“U.S. Supreme Court”). The courts today still uphold that decision. Justices have stated that the there is a high possibility for the testing to expand into testing all public high school students (“U.S. Supreme Court”). Drug testing students has become a popular trend. Drug testing started in American schools due to the prison system and armed forces (Cassidy). Twenty-five percent of districts with a middle school or high school have a drug testing policy (Butler). Coaches, players, and parents alike think that more time and money needs to be spent on education and not on steroids (“Texas Set to Drug-Screen”). Athletes
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