The Benefits Of Robotics

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Technology is ever-changing. It is always advancing, changing, flourishing, and becoming more innovative and efficient. Part of this technological advance is robotics. Robotics are not just another part of technology. They are becoming advanced enough to take over people’s jobs. Some jobs that could be replaced by robots are drivers, pharmacists, lawyers, astronauts, soldiers, babysitters, and sportswriters. Robots can even cook, clean, and diagnose ailments. The popularity of robots is partly being due to the lack of insurance, vacation pay, and retirement plans that are needed for human employment (Easton, 2017). I believe robots will take over jobs, but not all jobs, because robots are not perfect. Robots can easily screw …show more content…

Such as when surgery is needing to be done, the robot can evaluate what needs to be done and do the task (Jones, 2016). Same goes for if taxes are needing to be done, or even if televisions need selling. All of this is doable by an intelligent, complex robot. Now technology replacing jobs may sound depressing and might even create anxiety, but just because manual jobs are being taken over, does not mean more jobs are not being created. Though the unemployment rate for men between ages 25 to 54 has tripled from 5 to 16 percent, a survey taken these men and 44 percent of them said they could have a job easily, but do not because then their food stamps and disability money would disappear (Jones, 2016). So, there is a bigger problem than robots taking the jobs, because there are plenty of other jobs for those laid off to go achieve. The robots would clear out the lazy, inefficient workers and add to the overall productivity of the businesses. New jobs come with automation. Like with the invention of ATMs, bank tellers were supposed to become obsolete, yet the opposite happened. The ATMs created a cheaper way of telling money, so more banks opened across the United States and more bank tellers were hired to manage these new banks (Andrews, 2017). Therefore, automation is the drive for the new jobs. Jobs are not going to become obsolete right away, there is still a lot of testing and such before any definite things and ideas are processed. Therefore, many

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