The Benefits Of Safety Razors

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Today 's typical man starts his day with a cheap disposable razor and some goo out of a can. That daily shave is neither the best shave nor the most economical shave possible. Those honors belong to the traditional shaving equipment that is now making a comeback. A beginner will find that a good double edge safety razor, a badger hair brush and some face friendly soap will soon become his best friends in the bathroom.

The Benefits of Safety Razors

The first issue to consider is the cost. Typical cheap disposable razors must be replaced often. Cartridge refills for multi-blade razors generally cost around twenty dollars for eight. That works out to two dollars and fifty cents apiece. Contrast this with a twenty cent razor blade. A pack of 100 blades generally sells for less than a pack of cartridge refills. If you use two blades a week then you have spent the same amount for a year 's worth of blades that would have only bought you eight cartridges. That 's quite a savings.

Now consider the shave. A standard razor requires you to push the many blades into your skin to get a good shave. This is because these blades are designed to be as safe as they can be for as many people as possible. A double razor is adjusted to your own perfect angle. This means that the blade need not be shoved into your skin. Instead, you set your perfect angle. After some practice you will soon be enjoying the smoothest and closest shaves of your life.

A safety blade razor has another

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