The Benefits of Shopping Online Essay

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The Benefits of Shopping Online

As my fingers flutter the mouse across my computer screen, my mind is wondering in one-hundred different directions. I had just found out earlier at my sorority’s chapter meeting that we were having a semi-formal in approximately a month. Who could I invite? There’s that intelligent actor I met, no, he has a fiancé. What about the guitar player in my statistics class, no, I don’t really know him. What about that cute blue-eyed boy? He’d make a wonderful date because he is fun to be around and a great dancer. Would he go? More importantly, what am I going to wear?

I click on Internet Explorer and type in browser asks if I am trying to reach I click on
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But is it really safe? Will the products be delivered after you have given the company your credit card number? I surveyed twenty individuals at James Madison University to get the consensus on this issue: shopping online…is it safe and is it better?

My survey consisted of students between their freshman and senior years here at JMU. Their ages range from eighteen to twenty-one; I surveyed thirteen males and seven females. Upon asking my first question, “have you ever purchased anything online?” I was surprised. Only sixty percent (or twelve individuals of the original twenty) of the people I surveyed had ever shopped online. The remaining forty percent (eight individuals) explained their reasons for not shopping online were as follows: lack of extra cash to spend, security, and not being able to try the clothes on. I asked those in favor of shopping online to tell me what they dislike about the process. Pierce, a double major in English and teaching, passionately exclaimed, “I hate shipping and handling charges. Jen, you cannot tell me it costs that much to put a shirt in a box!” I had to agree with his point. Costs for shipping and handling charges are approximately ten to fifteen dollars for an order that ranges from fifty to one-hundred dollars. Mike, a junior here at JMU, who is a computer information systems major, stated that having to wait for the mail to arrive was a major inconvenience. Others were worried that they
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