The Benefits of the DREAM Act

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The purpose of the DREAM Act is obvious and clear. It would help the people who were brought illegally to the United States at a very young age and who have grown up here and went through a long and demanding process to obtain their citizenship. It will also make sure that the country will be enriched with only the most promising and talented people who are eligible to apply. A very recent survey shows that most Americans think that the bill should be passed by the house. Passing the DREAM Act will allow eligible DREAMers to pursue their dreams and reach higher levels of education and obtain higher and better paying jobs, which would greatly affect our country and be beneficial to the economy. Therefore, the passing of the DREAM Act represents a fair deal to both the young DREAMers and the American society.
Young illegal immigrants who would be able to benefit from the DREAM Act have difficulties when it comes to have access to higher education and high paying jobs because of their illegal status. And passing the DREAM Act will help them reach their educational and professional goals. Passing the DREAM Act will contribute in lowering the high-school dropout rates and will motivate young illegal immigrants to go to college. Moreover, without the DREAM Act, most of the young illegal immigrant are ineligible for most types of college financial assistance such as Federal loans and Pell grants. Additionally, many scholarships require applicants to have US citizenship or the

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