The Berlin Boxing Club By Robert Sharenow

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For the last outside reading book, I chose to read The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow. The original reason I chose it was because the author is actually my uncle. Turns out it was a great choice as I greatly enjoyed reading this novel. The book is from the perspective of Jewish a teenage boy and his family during the 1930s in Nazi Germany. I gained new perspective on the culture in germany during world war two through the eyes of a teenager. I would definitely recommend this book to the history department to be added to the curriculum. The main reason for this recommendation is that students will be able to learn about the culture in Germany right before World War II from the perspective of someone their age. This will give students a more entertaining look at the history around World War II and will make learning about it much easier. I recommend this book specifically to a freshman or sophomore history class. The protagonist in the story is a teenage boy named Karl that many freshman and sophomore students could identify with. He goes through many of the same challenges that many younger teenager go through. He struggles fitting in socially at school and has girl problems. This novel was very easy to read and did not have too much difficult vocab. The book is also fast pace, which makes reading it particularly smooth. The students will also be able to really see what it was like to live in Nazi germany in the 30s from the perspective of someone their age. The

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