The Best Characteristics Of A Good Law Enforcement

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Introduction The best characteristics of a good law enforcement professional would be integrity, honesty, calm under pressure, and strength. In summation, the law enforcement professional only wants to use physical force and restraint as a last resort as a tactic to enforcing the law. The most effective law enforcement professional are those that are able to resolve issues and enforce the law without resorting to a physical confrontation. As such, effective verbal communication is probably the number one asset and quality of whatever profession. Effective communication skills enable officers to develop rapport with the public, fellow workers, and informants and disarm would be felons. Sound communication skills may enable a law enforcement office to avoid severe harm or even destruction. Moreover, good law enforcement officers are not only strong and manly but they are also meek and mild. A good professional should be driven by a strong and sincere motivation to help better other peoples’ lives and situations, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and make a positive difference in the world be it large or small. Good law enforcement officers and professionals feel a sense of responsibility and dedication to community service. Law enforcement officers must be physically and mentally fit at all times in order to effectively carry out their duties. Non only is law enforcement physically demanding but also it is also emotionally demanding. In parliamentary law for a law

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