Essay The Best Ferilizer to Grow Flowers the Quickest

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I want to find out which fertilizer will grow healthy flowers from seeds quickly. Snapdragons are perennial plants, which means they grow back again for several years. I found that snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) bloom in the cool temperatures of spring and early fall. Snapdragons first grew in United States in the north east. Each state has a growth zone. Snapdragons do good in zones 6-10. Central Florida is in growth zone 9. Snapdragons come in about 230 varieties! Snapdragons are very bright and colorful, including yellow, pink, salmon, orange, purple, and lavender. Snapdragons have vibrant green leaves and strong stems. Snapdragons can grow in containers like pots, or in open soil in the garden. They can grow 1-5 feet in height …show more content…

Many people do this instead of creating waste, and throwing it in a garbage can. Also, earthworms till (tunnel through), fertilize and improve soil. Earthworms are eating machines. They eat leaves and remains of animals and then poop (castings) them out, Creating a good organic fertilizer. It helps the root growth and improves the health of the flower. The worms stomach acids make nitrogen and phosphorus ready for the plants to use for food. If the worms are cut in half they will not live but when just their tails are cut off then a new one will grow back. When worms and bugs die in the garden their bodies decompose and add nutrients to the soil. The worms stomach acids make nitrogen and phosphorus ready for plant food. Worms breath through their skin so if it rains too much they have to go to the surface for air or they will drown. Snapdragons can be grown from seeds and germination (sprouting from a seed), can take up to 3 weeks. To plant the seeds sprinkle them on the soil and press down lightly. Snapdragons can spread easily and make more plants. Snapdragons may attract aphids (a small fat bodied insect), which may damage the stems and leaves. Also, snapdragons can get fungus so it is important to water only at the base of the plant. If the plants don't have enough air circulation or light, then powdery mildew can be seen growing on the leaves. Also, too much shade and not enough sun can encourage mildew growth. Snapdragon

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