The Best Non Lethal Weapons

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A mind-bending hero in the form of a young man has emerged from the streets of our beloved city. Shadowman feels compassionate for people and only believes in good and self-forgiveness. With muscles built like a bull, and with hands soft enough to hold a butterfly, he can do anything. With many crimes solved by him, people praise him as “the holy grail this century needs.” He has many tools, from mind-bending lasers to stopping time completely, which has revamped the possibilities of 21st-century physics. This hero can save us all. With his enthusiasm to not hurt anyone, this inventor uses the best non-lethal weapons. The futuristic arsenal consists of four futuristic devices. ( A gamma blaster, to freeze time for a short period. The cool weapon is useful for stopping things in the nick of time. Another one that was made was a cranium shaker. This device can send electromagnetic waves into someone 's brain to cause confusion and sometimes trickery. The third is a shearing heart. The heart is a land mine and if a person steps on it, it distorts the person 's vision for about 5 minutes, enough time to allow Shadowman to incapacitate his enemies quickly. The last and best tool consists of a plasma cannon. Shadowman uses it to burn holes through buildings and sinks into nuclear bombs. The plasma defuses the atoms found in the core. Shadow man invented and made all his weapons with the help of a few friends. With all this high-tech gear,
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