The Bet By Anton Chekhov And Hey Come On Out By Shinichi Hoshi

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consequences, like a wound, are usually self-inflicted. In the short stories “The Bet” by Anton Chekov and “Hey Come on Out” by Shinichi Hoshi, both authors authenticate the theme of consequences. Clear as day the theme appears to be consequences.

In the short story, “Hey Come on Out” By Shinichi Hoshi. The towns' karma finally catches up to them in the worst way. The town throws everything they don’t want into the hole and as a result, the hole spits everything back out at the end. One of the consequences the town suffers their secrets revealed. “Criminals breathed easier after throwing material evidence into the hole.” (SITE THIS) Criminals would throw evidence into the hole so that the evidence would never be found. The police threw …show more content…

The banker, next, suffered fairly severe Financial consequences if the lawyer did 15 years in solitary confinement. “ He will take my last penny from me” (Chekhov, 3). When the banker promised last 2 million he was a multi-millionaire but during the 15 years, he lost almost all of it. When they lawyer got out of solitary confinement, also, they thought he was crazy. The lawyer suffers not only mental consequences but also physical consequences. “ He was a skeleton with skin drawn over his bones . . . “ (Chekov 54). The lawyer's mental consequences made his physical consequences worse. Clearly, the lawyer made a worse decision that led to horrendous consequences. Although one may be able to regain their wealth, one cannot regain their sanity.

Between these two eye Opening stories, One of them shows more bad decisions and more consequences. Imagine two people and a house that caught on fire or a whole town bombed because of bad decisions. Clearly one of those is more catastrophic than the other. The short story titled hey come on out has more consequences and these consequences are ultimately worse. “Perfect for the disposal of such things as waste from nuclear reactors.”(Hoshi, 3). When the nuclear reactors were put in the hole no one thought that everything in the hole was come out again. This decision was made by not everyone who it effects. The people, next, Selfish and arrogant decisions and therefore

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