The Between Britain And The Colonies

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Many key events sharpened the divisions between Britain and the colonies in the late 1760s and early 1770s. The enforcement of new laws and tariffs helped in this division. These events brought the colonies together to eventually go against the British empire, becoming more aware of their desire for independence. In 1776, the London government decided to enforce new taxes on the Americans, these taxes were contrived by the cabinet 's chief financial minister, Charles Townshend. Townshend swayed Parliament into creating new taxes on goods that were imported to the colonies such as glass, tea, paint, paper and lead. He also wanted to organize new commissioners for the board of customs that would collect these taxes and decrease the smuggling problem. Many people did not want or like the new enforcement procedures thus making leaders in several colonies reimpose the ban on importing British goods in 1768. During the midst of the Townshend crisis, a farmer from Pennsylvania, named John Dickinson, created one of the most important statements of the American position during this time. His writings argued for the reestablishment of relations with Britain, with the colonists having the same traditional rights of an Englishman. His well educated display demonstrated that ideas of Enlightenment were already well known within the colonies. It also conveyed that by now, many American leaders thought that political issues and debates should still be held among the highly educated.
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