The Between China Vs. American Child Nurturing Essay

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care nurturing differs between China compared to American child nurturing. What are the differences? The focus is on values, punishment, actions, and education. Values help mold the culture and shows how the parent chooses to bring their children up in society. Child care differences show us habits, morals, and the intentions of a child in these cultures which have different effects. We can compare childhood, adolescence, and maturity.

Self-conduct and child nurturing differences In American and Chinese culture self-conduct is used to teach children. In the Chinese culture they practice Guan, which is to educate, care, control, support and love. They follow Confucianism, which is criticism to encourage to push them to gain social values. Confucianism is a strict action that is practiced. China continues to make every effort to reach for success. China has high values for individualism and respect of adolescents to others. China always looks toward the future and never lets any short interests interfere with that which they praise and are valued ideas in which made China a secure society and held together for thousands of years. China’s stable society is payable to the way they obey to their future commitments established by discipline practices that were taught at childhood.
In the American society we have a solid substructure and legitimacy, which means that everyone has a start on any accomplishments they want to achieve. Child discipline is viewed by being fair

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