Parenting Across Cultures Essay

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Parents have their beliefs and practices when rearing their children, they share their customs and beliefs with their families to guide and support their families. Parents hope to share their practices from generation to generation, however when immigrants relocate other to countries they adapt to new ways of living (Two Parents, 2009). Immigrants relocate to provide their families with financial stability and better education. Some immigrants face obstacles when they relocate to North America, such as language barriers, discipline issues, and little involvement in their child’s education. Many of the immigrants first language is not English, their language barrier may hinder them from communicating with employers and classroom educators …show more content…

Parent’s goals are to their children become successful learners so that children can do extremely well as an adult. Regardless if parents receive their high school diploma, parents still talk to their children about the importance of education (Thao, 2009).
Immigrants relocate to North America for a variety of reasons, however many parents relocate for a better lifestyle and to provide their children with a better education. On the other hand, parents face many challenges after relocating to North America. Language barriers and the lack of education sometimes require families to live in poverty after moving to North America. According to Arens, Clevengers & Haynes (2004), immigrants face many obstacles such as living in poverty and difficulty finding work. Some immigrants may not speak English which hinders them from finding employment or finding housing to support their families. Parents may lack education which can be difficult for them to find a sufficient salary to provide the families with their basic needs. Cultural practices cause some problems for families because their way of living or morals may not be accepted. Some immigrants relocate to North America for employment; however immigrants want to share their beliefs with their families. Families want to continue to practice their religion, eat the same food, and discipline their children according to their culture.

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