The Between Glaucon And The Socrates

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All the philosophers had great theories and ideas behind each of their believes and theories. One of the greatest well-known philosophers was Plato. His ideas and believes were deeper than the human eye. Plato believed our soul consisted of three parts logical, spirited, and appetitive. He believed in order for us as humans to find happiness, all three parts of our soul needed to be in harmony. As explained in this statement: We become unhappy when the three parts of ourselves are constantly fighting against one another so that we lack inner harmony, and we fall victim to vice when we are ruled by our emotions or desires. In one of the dialogues between Glaucon and the Socrates we understand the deeper level of his theories. I find his believes and thoughts very interesting as he helps us understand the way our inner emotions and reason could at times reflect on the humans we become on our day to day lives. He explains how we can become a slave to our own emotions and desires. When we allow emotion to take over we disregard our logic, which reflects on our response to life and decisions. This theory has helped me understand a deeper level of myself in a different perspective. When a person or human does not allow logic to direct the other parts of our soul we can fall into making irrational decisions. Plato believed until we linked the three parts of the soul together as humans we would not be in harmony or become satisfied. As humans we will never find full satisfaction

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