The Between Socrates And Meno

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Meno was a student of Gorgias, and he has a long discussion with Socrates about what virtue is. Socrates and Meno wonder if virtue can be taught, Meno proposes that it may be a result of practice or an inherent trait, but before they can answer that question they first need to agree on what virtue is. Meno makes multiple attempts at a description of virtue and Socrates points out potential problems. A definition of virtue is not settled, which leads to the discussion about the problem of learning. If neither or them know what virtue is then how will they know if they find it. Plato describes this ongoing discussion between Socrates and Meno.
Meno’s first attempt at the description of virtue is listing examples. The health of a man is the same as that of a woman, is virtue the same for both as well? Meno states that there are certain virtues for men, like managing public affairs, helping friends, harming enemies, and protecting oneself. There are different virtues for women, managing the home, protecting possessions, and being submissive to one 's husband. There are also different virtues for children, slaves, the elderly, and so on. The virtue of a man consists of managing his city well while the virtue of a woman is managing her household well. It is agreed that both of these things need to be managed moderately and justly. So both the men and women need justice and moderation in order to achieve their virtue well. It is also decided that all men are good in the same way,
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