The Biblical Decision Making Model

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Biblical Decision-Making Model Chart B Lead-The-Charge Horizontal Organizational Chart Lead The Charge Horizontal Organizational Chart is the one I see fit more my leadership style. Once I read the assigned requirements, I am convinced that chart B will help me more develop a friendly work environment at current my military and future ministry positions. Currently, I have 16 years of military service. I spent time as enlisted and now as warrant officer and I have been able to appreciate that leading personnel is not an easy task, but leading from the front I gain trust from my subordinates and successfully completed the mission. I ensure what I task my troops; I am also able to execute. I like to feel how they feel while they are…show more content…
Although I am a military person, I do not like chart A. Before becoming a Warrant Officer, I was an enlisted. I always like the technique to lead from the front. Leading from the front, leaders can influence more the troops and gain their respect at all time. Therefore, if in the near future, God chooses me to lead a church, I want to lead from the front. I will not mandate the personnel to do things if I personally cannot do it. I like how God inspired the disciples and how Luke explains the following, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31, NIV). Leaders should be the example at all times and should treat other in same way they want to be treated. The author teaches us that, “ it illustrates the notion that a horizontal organizational structure is more efficient in releasing the potential of the workers scattered throughout the organization” (Finzel, pg. 94). Finzel explains us that this technique does not show a Top down dictator work environment. It allows the leader to be in front of his/her staff. In other word the leader go first and he or she is willing to go down and dirty with the personnel. In this scenario, the leader is part of the team. By leading from the front leaders are able to remove layers and will receive the ground truth eliminating the possibilities of misunderstandings. Luke explains in the Bible, “Jesus said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority
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