The Big Debate Over Time Vehicles

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Over time vehicles have become a huge cause of pollution and global warming. As years have passed by vehicles have been designed to be environmentally friendly. This is only happened for the vehicles that are everyday vehicles. Most of those vehicles are still not fully efficient due to the inability of affording a new car. Racing in the biggest thing that is in need of finding a way to limit it to release less pollution. The big debate over how these rules should not apply due to racing only lasting for maybe three to four hours. After that then the cars are shut off and are no longer running. It is believed by the drivers and their teams that this should not affect the environment at all. Since there is so many cars at once running and traveling at high speeds this does not help that view. Multiple cars at once will burn up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide every gallon, and at the end of the race car has burned up to one hundred and twenty pounds of carbon dioxide. (Layton) Professional racing should be required to pass under certain laws and regulations. Most of the cars can be highly contaminant to the environment. Mostly everything that forces the car drive has to deal with pollution. The fuel that these cars burn is far much worse than the fuel we use in our vehicles. Most of these cars do not have all of the required parts to be street legal, which means that they should not be allowed to be driven at all. Overtime drivers have been able to convert their cars to run

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